Pathways to the 2023 IHP thematic program Random Processes in the Brain/Materials

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Approximate Bayesian Computation

Massimiliano Tamborrino, from the University of Warwick, briefly presents the Approximate Bayesian Computation method.

Spike sorting

NeuroMat investigator Christophe Pouzat presents on a strategy to monitor neural activity.

Structural learning by the brain

A video on the statistician-brain conjecture, a central line of research at the RIDC NeuroMat.

An interview with Markus Diesmann

NeuroMat PI Antonio Carlos Roque da Silva Filho interviews Markus Diesmann.


On stochastic neural modeling
  1. Probabilistic spiking neuronal nets - Neuromathematics for the computer era, Galves et al, 2022

On the statistician-brain conjecture
  1. Retrieving the structure of probabilistic sequences of auditory stimuli from EEG data, Hernández et al, 2021
  2. Retrieving a Context Tree from EEG Data, Duarte et al, 2019