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Structural Learning by the Brain


In this workshop we propose to address the fundamental question of how the brain makes statistical inference and selects the most suitable models so as to act in the world. Since the pioneer works of Helmholtz (1867), it has been conjectured that the brain does statistical model selection by assigning probabilistic models to samples of stimuli and making statistical inference to predict upcoming events. This conjecture has been extensively discussed in the literature under several labels (predictive coding, Bayesian brain, etc). This multiplicity of labels blurs communication in the field. One of the goals of this workshop is to put together experts in the field towards a unifying conceptual framework.

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The Insect Olfactory System


The main dataset at our disposal comes from the locust Schistocerca americana. It is available on zenodo. These raw data are a mixture of activities from several neurons and must be processed in order to get the spike trains from individual neurons; that’s what Spike Sorting is about. The sorting of the raw data is fully document on a GitHub repository.

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